Bucks ice cream proudly serves Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Blue Bunny has been making quality ice cream for over 80 years. However, the reason we serve Blue Bunny isn’t it because they’ve been around so long, it’s because they’re so hoppin’ good!

Down load menu PDF Bucks Ice Cream and Snow Cones Menu.


Chocolate Éclair
Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Lovers Cone
Vanilla Big Dipper (Nutty Buddy)
Cookies and Cream Cone
Big Strawberry Sandwich
Big Vanilla Sandwich
Rainbow Ice
Original Bomb Pop
Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop
Watermelon Bomb Pop
Fudge Bar
Bubble Gum
Sour Power
Birthday Party Sandwich
Watermelon Whirl
Orange Dream Bar
Homemade Vanilla (Brown Mule)
Power Puff Girls
Teen Titans
The Avengers
Ninja Turtles

Snow Cones

Never Frozen! Made fresh onsite.